Fabien Ortiz

An unkempt bookworm with an insatiable appetite for travel. Carrying with him three nationalities (French, American and Filipino), Fabien Ortiz has a foothold in three different continents and a solid interest in Africa. A political science and history graduate from McGill University in Canada, he has worked for newspapers and radios in France, the United States and Switzerland. He currently works in Washington D.C., an interesting vantage point from which to watch world affairs. And yet he already knows he will soon be setting sail to other destinations, dreamily describing his experiences, casting a critical glance on social and political trends, people and events.

The rubble has cleared off the streets but the problems remain. On January 12th, Haiti will be commemorating its first year anniversary since a devastating earthquake shook Port au Prince to its core and inflicted literal hell on its hapless inhabitants.

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