A journalist from Somalia’s private radio station Radio Shabelle receieved serious wounds on Sunday by unidentified gunmen as he left a mosque after evening prayers.

Libya threatened by the Somalia Syndrome

Ivory Coast: Restoration of democracy by force

Libya: Uganda offers Muammar Gaddafi refuge

Sudan: Darfur renews tensions between north and south Sudan

Pro-Gaddafi Africans protest as Coalition forces gain momentum

Of Western hypocrisy, Obdurate tyrants and Changing times

Libya: International forces close in on Muammar Gaddafi

Ivory Coast heading towards civil war?

Libya: Gaddafi regime and protesters killing migrant workers

Contingency plans to protect civilians in Libya

Libya: Gaddafi turns to son’s special forces and foreign mercenaries

Botswana warns Libya amid suspected Zimbabwe mercenaries

Libya: Independence for the east?

Libya: Gaddafi’s national address marks his end

Libya: Violent plans by military alerted as death toll rises

Libya: The Gaddafis in panic mode?

Uganda: President Museveni wins elections, Besigye decries rigged results

Libyans struggle to pull off Tunisian and Egyptian success

United States of Africa: Just a nice dream?

North Africa: Child soldier recruitment still rampant

Ivory Coast: Both Gbagbo and Ouattarra isolated?

Egypt: Live Updates - Video

Egypt PM apologises for violence

Ivory Coast makes sex not war

Anger as Addis AU summit names Mugabe as Ivory Coast mediator

North Sudan army threaten UN in Darfur

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