A journalist from Somalia’s private radio station Radio Shabelle receieved serious wounds on Sunday by unidentified gunmen as he left a mosque after evening prayers.

Libya threatened by the Somalia Syndrome

Ivory Coast: Restoration of democracy by force

Libya: Uganda offers Muammar Gaddafi refuge

Sudan: Darfur renews tensions between north and south Sudan

Pro-Gaddafi Africans protest as Coalition forces gain momentum

Of Western hypocrisy, Obdurate tyrants and Changing times

Egypt: U.S. treads on carpet of raw eggs

Egypt: The Arab democratic revolution hits Egypt

Ethiopia: Somali and Gambella abuses decried

Palestine Army of Islam behind deadly Egyptian Church attack?

New President makes promises: Tunisians want more

Ivory Coast: Military option mulled as Odinga admits AU failure

Nigeria’s budding democracy struggles with religious-tribal politics

New government formed in Tunisia: List of Ministers

Mama Grizzly Palin Mauls Smokey the Bear

Tunisia’s rocky road ahead of presidential elections

Ivory Coast: Declaration of War or Coalition Government?

Zimbabwe: A break-up in the offing?

Abyei: Several die in South Sudan referendum

Côte d’Ivoire: Laurent and Simone Gbagbo under financial sanctions

Nigeria’s ethno-religious violence and feared split

Nigeria Electoral Commission tested in Delta gubernatorial election

Côte d’Ivoire political crisis challenges democracy

Ivory Coast: South African pastors to the rescue

American Muslim groups express horror over attacks in Egypt and Nigeria

2011 elections in Zambia and Zimbabwe could be bloody

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