Benin authorities have arrested President Thomas Boni Yayi’s doctor, his niece and an ex-minister over a suspected plot to poison the leader, the public prosecutor said on Monday.

Julius Malema, South Africa’s politicians reacts to allegation of fraud

Civilian Persecuted by the Rwandan military

Libya’s Gaddafi ‘Ordered Lockerbie Bombing’

Americans killed on hijacked yacht off Somalia

11 year old girl suffers 8 month rape ordeal by 14 men

Human trafficking and sex slave rings on the rise in Southern Africa

Rwanda: Grégoire Ndahimana pleads not guilty during his further appearance

South Africa in Media Row

Zimbabwe lauded for halting diamond auction by Mugabe crony

U.S. counterfeit dollar dealers arrested in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Lord’s Resistance Army waves the white flag, after Christmas massacre

Lord’s Resistance Army attacks DR Congo village and kills many

Somali pirates hijack two ships

Of child soldiers and obscene systems

Liberia’s shady diamond deals and free war criminals

South African military get heavy pay rise ahead of 2010 World Cup

Uganda-DR Congo: Soldiers torture and pillage mourners

Nigeria: Police and vigilante killings out of control

Uganda: A history of politically motivated violence, intimidation, bribery

Tanzania: Albinos in hiding after attacks

Charles Taylor the man who ‘forgot’ he killed thousands

Botswana prisoners tortured and forced to have homosexual sex

Sierra Leoneans scorn initiative to enlist youths into police force

Nigeria: Relief as government releases allowances to rebels

Uganda: Escaped LRA fighters and abducted children return home

Southern Sudan: LRA rebels resume reign of fear, several people killed

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