Benin authorities have arrested President Thomas Boni Yayi’s doctor, his niece and an ex-minister over a suspected plot to poison the leader, the public prosecutor said on Monday.

Julius Malema, South Africa’s politicians reacts to allegation of fraud

Civilian Persecuted by the Rwandan military

Libya’s Gaddafi ‘Ordered Lockerbie Bombing’

Americans killed on hijacked yacht off Somalia

11 year old girl suffers 8 month rape ordeal by 14 men

Human trafficking and sex slave rings on the rise in Southern Africa

Seychelles and the USA sign Piracy Agreement

Naomi Campbell’s blood diamond testimony crucial for justice

Somaliland: Racist killings and marginalized Gabooyos

Uganda-Rwanda: Genocide pastor to face prosecution in Tanzania

Tanzania-Rwanda: Munyakazi Sentenced to 25 Years Imprisonment

Terrorists: Sexually depraved idiots

East Africa: Rwanda government condemned over murder

Rwanda: Assassination attempt linked to President Kagame

Nigeria: President vows to flush out kidnappers

Guinea: The military won’t go unpunished

Sudan-ICC: Surrendered Darfur rebels to appear in court

Springfield, Massachusetts Man Pleads Guilty to Church Arson

UN Secretary-general welcomes outcome of first review conference of International Criminal Court, historic agreement on definition of crime of aggression

Ghana officials corroborate Ivorian stowaways’ story against Chinese vessel

African-American Leaders Reduce Inner-City Violence

Sudan: U.S pressures Sudan in diplomat’s murderers’ escape

Drug cartels losing ground in African drug war?

Uganda airport fights increasing drug trafficking

South Sudan police hunt WFP employee killers

DR Congo: Police suspected of killing top human rights activist

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