Benin authorities have arrested President Thomas Boni Yayi’s doctor, his niece and an ex-minister over a suspected plot to poison the leader, the public prosecutor said on Monday.

Julius Malema, South Africa’s politicians reacts to allegation of fraud

Civilian Persecuted by the Rwandan military

Libya’s Gaddafi ‘Ordered Lockerbie Bombing’

Americans killed on hijacked yacht off Somalia

11 year old girl suffers 8 month rape ordeal by 14 men

Human trafficking and sex slave rings on the rise in Southern Africa

Uganda President applauds Obama administration for anti-LRA law

Dutch Oil Company in the dock for Ivory Coast disaster

Ban Ki-Moon renews calls for Bashir and Kony arrest

Uganda summit to assess ICC effectiveness

The Review Conference in Kampala will plan the future of international criminal justice

Sudanese police gang rape Kenyan girls

Nigeria: End of the road for politician drug smuggler?

Uganda to seek permission from foreign countries to pursue LRA rebels

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) Condemns Assassination of Veteran Journalist in Mogadishu

Nigeria: Ex-whistleblower vindicated of corruption charges

South African official denies 10 000 policemen in jail

11 Somali pirates could face life behind bars in the U.S.

Lord’s Resistance Army: A Regional Strategy beyond Killing Joseph Kony

Nigeria: Three journalists killed in a single day

Three journalists killed in Nigeria

Global Witness welcomes Dutch court decision to retry timber baron Guus Kouwenhoven for crimes committed during Liberian war

US-Egypt: Congressional Members Urge State Department to Address Forced Marriage, Forced Conversion of Coptic Women and Girls in Egypt

Sudan: SPLM reports election anomalies amid NCP complaints

Democratic Republic of the Congo: ICRC confirms release of eight staff members in South Kivu

Sudan: Arrests and killings of NCP members in the south confirmed

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