According to the leaders of the Union of Forces for Change (UFC), the names of the politicians and their supporters are on the blacklist of the government, which now seek to eliminate them physically, by using foreign mercenaries,. They also complained on the problems of insecurity in Libreville, Gabon.

Uganda: Opposition politicians arrested

Social media and cyber-activism in North Africa’s revolution

Arab World’s Revolutionary Immolations and ’Martyrdom’ Change

Morocco: A King’s revolution

Several Ugandans arrested over protests

Uganda opposition warned against planned protests

Egypt: Bloody day of rage warned

More protests expected in Egypt

When revolution rocks North Africa and the Middle East

Egypt: Pride to determine Mubarak’s departure

What about farting to protest?

Egypt: Live Updates - Video

Nigeria: Threats of north Africa-like revolt skewed

Egypt: Mubarak ’will torture us’

Uganda: Museveni supporters protesting for money

Obama: Can he live up to the promises made in his Cairo speech?

Egypt political crisis: Washington-Mubarak relationship mulled

Tunisian PM succumbs to pressure, names new ministers

Egypt: U.S. treads on carpet of raw eggs

A domino effect in the Arab world after Tunisia?

Egypt: The Arab democratic revolution hits Egypt

Zimbabwe officials plan pro-Mugabe and ZANU-PF campaign

New President makes promises: Tunisians want more

Zimbabwe workers set to cripple fragile economy

Tunisia: Power to the people

Tunisia: End of an era as President flees

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