According to the leaders of the Union of Forces for Change (UFC), the names of the politicians and their supporters are on the blacklist of the government, which now seek to eliminate them physically, by using foreign mercenaries,. They also complained on the problems of insecurity in Libreville, Gabon.

Uganda: Opposition politicians arrested

Social media and cyber-activism in North Africa’s revolution

Arab World’s Revolutionary Immolations and ’Martyrdom’ Change

Morocco: A King’s revolution

Several Ugandans arrested over protests

Uganda opposition warned against planned protests

End of Zimbabwe education: broke gov’t angry teachers

Children of Namibian war veterans issued an ultimatum

Workers protest abolishment of Local Gov’ts

Teachers still on strike in Gabon

Zimbabwe police attack peaceful demonstrators as power-sharing talks begin

Children of Namibian war veterans stage a confused demonstration

Kenyan results irretrievably polluted

Kenya : Negotiations or not, teachers will go on stike if gov’t fails

Doctors and teachers go on strike in Zimbabwe

Demonstrations in Khartoum following ICC indictment

Teachers threaten to embark on indefinite strike if ...

Defence chief’s confused explanation : shortchange was due to overpayment

Fears of fuel-hoarding as fuel tanker drivers strike in Nigeria

Strikes and more strikes as trade unions call for Thabo Mbeki’s resignation over ESKOM affair

Rioting Nigerian soldiers explain action ahead of court martial

Nigerian teachers embark on nationwide strike

Incidents in Sidi Ifni raise concern

Teacher strike in Nigeria to disturb ongoing national examination

Imprisoned ex-opposition rioters become new bone of contention

Kenya concerned by South African xenophobic and gang attacks

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