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At a debate on "independence" in Africa during the second edition of the New York Forum Africa 2013 in Libreville, Gabon, the Rwandan minister for foreign affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo, called into question the role of the International Criminal Court. The chief prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, tried to defend the judicial institution that she directs.

Africa, a "myriad" of markets

NYF Africa 2013: "We are not beggars," says Ali Bongo

New-York Forum Africa: going forward

More than a Distributor, THEMA is THE partner when it comes to international development

Thabo Mbeki: “The relationship between African and its ex-colonizers is illegal!”

Argentine orders the evacuation of Libertad ship by Ghanaian authorities.

Tanzanian farmers to be nudged towards the market

Nigeria: Government to spend oil income on Niger Delta amid fears of siphoning

Guinea: Mixed feelings over Chinese take over of Guinea’s Bauxite mines

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange is big business not a charitable organization

The Internet of Things: next big marvel?

United States and Ghana, a tale of two worlds apart

Ethiopia: Nationwide housing project puts economy in danger

Djibouti: American Meteorologists modernize Djibouti Airport weather installation

Rwanda makes an impressive jump in World Bank ’doing business’ rankings

Kenya: "Solar ya Simu”" a solar powered mobile phone to cope with Africa’s electricity challenges

Zimbabwe: Economic recovery compromised

Africa: The overlooked role of the African Diaspora

East African countries get high speed and cheap Internet

Africa: Google and Grameen Foundation launch AppLab

President Obama’s historic visit to Ghana: A recognition of success and progress

Ethiopia’s mega Gilgel Gibe III Hydropower project makes a headway

Ethiopia: Indian bank to open African office in Addis

US-Ghana partnership examined ahead of Obama’s visit

Approaching Internet explosion to redefine Africa’s place

Nigerian education sector to get a major facelift

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