Panafrica - Gabon
The Gabonese president, Ali Bongo Ondimba, speaking on Friday at the 2nd edition of the New York Forum Africa, invited Africans to work for the development of their people in order to create more wealth. Africa is bursting with potential and Africans should feel proud, even if there have been some hiccups, said the Gabonese leader, who asserted: "We are not beggars."

Individual Liberty delivers economic freedom and progress

Ugandan students stranded in Libya soon to be evacuated

Namibia: Baby-dumping rates soar among school girls

Africans lend tech savvy to elections, banking, education

Racist anti-Asian YouTube rant sparks outrage

Schoolteacher fired for porn star past

World Digital Library: All countries invited aboard

Zimbabwe: Another crippling blow for education sector

Human rights - A school curricula after Mugabe rule ?

Ethiopian photographic project to be extended to Africa

Nigeria: Religious interference in Education and a flimsy future

Zimbabwe minister woos teachers back into school

Mugabe’s child studies abroad as Zim system collapses

Islamic schools sending children to beg in the streets

Serena Williams opens school in Kenya

US and Nigerian universities to sign partnership deal

Greece to extend residence permits for foreign students

Teachers still on strike in Gabon

Sex for grades in Africa : Necessity or choice

Education in Zimbabwe grinding to a halt

Free education for all in Togo makes administrators anxious

Unemployed university students to get monthly allowances

Scraps gnaw at the future of Sierra Leonean children

President accused of nepotism detrimental to national education

Whipping to be used as a disciplinary measure in Kenyan schools ?

Malawian education ministry slams South African printer

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