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The Gabonese president, Ali Bongo Ondimba, speaking on Friday at the 2nd edition of the New York Forum Africa, invited Africans to work for the development of their people in order to create more wealth. Africa is bursting with potential and Africans should feel proud, even if there have been some hiccups, said the Gabonese leader, who asserted: "We are not beggars."

Individual Liberty delivers economic freedom and progress

Ugandan students stranded in Libya soon to be evacuated

Namibia: Baby-dumping rates soar among school girls

Africans lend tech savvy to elections, banking, education

Racist anti-Asian YouTube rant sparks outrage

Schoolteacher fired for porn star past

James River Writers Announces the MAY 2010 WRITING SHOW - Can I Get a Witness: Writing for Social Change

Voucher Support in Illinois Shatters Preconceptions

MassMutual, Strategic Financial Group, LLP Announces Scholarship Program For Local Multicultural College Students

ATLAS Maps a Strong Course for Children’s Education in Zambia

Gates Millennium Scholars Program Announces New 1,000 Scholars For The Class of 2010

Innovative Community College Leader to Receive National Award

Intensive Two-Year Training Offered in Science Journalism

Zimbabwe: Chinamasa under fire for "ridiculous" comments

Students of Color Deserve Effective Teachers

Uganda: Landslide hit schools relocated to market-place

Oprah Winfrey: What changed the trajectory of her life

Campaign for High School Equity Calls for ESEA That Ensures Success for All Students

International Conference on Multi-Grade Education will develop policy and strategy to address teacher shortages and improve teaching and learning in rural and hard-to reach areas

Verizon Awards $300,000 Grant to Virginia’s Gloucester Institute

The Fate of the Watchman in Ghana

No school fees policy challenges: Comparing the Kenyan and Malawian models

Business tycoon, Dr Johann Rupert, invests in global education and development

Dr Johann Rupert: A success story

South Africa: Equal Education’s ’Bookery’ Opens it’s doors in Cape Town

’Madagascar’s Education System Faces Meltdown’

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