Egypt - Ethiopia
The Ethiopian government has downplayed the effect that a dam it is planning to build near the Sudanese border could have on lower Nile riparian sates, Egypt and Sudan. Addis Ababa has qualified fears expressed by Egyptian officials as “unsubstantiated”.

Ethiopia: Kenyan protests could compromise mega electric project?

Malawi: En route for energy independence

Namibia: Uranium enrichment in the offing

Ethiopia: Power sector faces uncertainty

Nigeria: Goodluck Jonathan’s power goals

Ethiopia: European Investment Bank’s clarification of involvement in Gibe 3 project

Ethiopia: Ministers condemn Gibe III dam critics as Bank finalizes evaluation

Morocco: Natural gas discovery to ease strain on budget

South Africa and Iran talk on Nuclear issues and Trade

Foreign boost for hydro project: Ugandans remain skeptical

Solar energy resource in Senegal most ideal

Gov’t clamps down on charcoal producers, leaves no alternative

Kenya further ends energy crisis

US and Nigeria collaborate on energy expansion

High electricity cost affecting industrial productivity

Japanese and Chinese companies obtain Kenyan power Deal

Youths protest persistent power outages in Guinea

Kenya and China to collaborate on coal exploitation

Nigeria and Iran agree on nuclear energy deal

Imported US gadgets cause environmental concern

Strikes and more strikes as trade unions call for Thabo Mbeki’s resignation over ESKOM affair

Nigeria unveils plan to develop energy

AREVA makes investment history in Namibia

Mega power plant for Namibian uranium mines in the pipeline

Yar’Adua announces major rehabilitation of Nigerian power sector

Mauritius embarks on energy saving programme

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