The navy training ship seized by the Ghanaian authorities earlier this month has received orders to evacuate the over 300 sailors on board. The ship has been in the possession of Ghanaian authorities since October 2 due to the Argentine’s debts.

France provides financial aid to DR Congo to assist the homeless persons

The Global Fund Welcomes U.S. Budget Allocation of US$1.05 billion for 2011

Zambia: President accused of bill amendment to get money

Finding Gaddafi’s hidden fortune

Ethiopia, Nigeria, DRC to get increased aid from UK

Egypt and Tunisia: Economic turmoil after revolution?

Zimbabwe: Civil servants get salary hikes

Africa’s slow growth pace and a vicious cycle since independce

Dambisa Moyo: The difference between China and Africa

Needy Zimbabwe held hostage by Chinese loan over multi billion dollar resource

Zimbabwe: While IMF waits, Commonwealth zooms in

Commonwealth to drum up aid for Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans abandon banks after Gono’s disastrous policies

Ethiopia: Indian bank to open African office in Addis

CDC commits US$50m to Nigeria and West Africa fund

Ethiopia: Foreign travels by government officials restricted

France to renegotiate Zimbabwe debts

Zimbabwe state media derides Tsvangirai’s aid seeking tour

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai to scrap Mugabe’s indigenisation laws to attract more investments

Ethiopian government to return coffee hoarders’ money?

Zimbabwe: The Global Fund ceases direct funds to government agencies

Ethiopia: NBE fails to contain monetary growth target

US and EU dole out funds to cash-strapped Zimbabwe

Netherlands - Zimbabwe: You will get no money from us

AU must take a closer look, Eritrea’s not the only culprit

Zimbabwe draft constitution hits the financial wall

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