Food Security

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An international initiative to create awareness on the role of aquaculture in food security in poor countries has been launched; the program will bring together a global alliance of development agencies, governments and universities to help low-income food-deficit countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

African Farmers are Desperate for Change

Silence over Ethiopian land grab broken

Africa: Unlocking the Economic Potential of Biotechnology

Ethiopia’s grain market in danger?

Zimbabwe to suffer food shortages ahead of elections

Cameroon suffers huge shortages in essential commodities

Top Ethiopian food scientist to be awarded World Food Prize

Zimbabwe still in dire straits

Nigeria’s tug of war with genetically modified foods

Haiti: A mud eating population warns the world

Egypt: Wrecking havoc through good intentions

Ethiopia scores higher than expected in food security

EU’s move that could seal an already murky African fate

Report forsees continuous famine trend in parts of Ethiopia

Massive migration expected as famine looms in Ethiopia

South Korea gets African land to safeguard food security

Botswana maize stock being depleted by Zimbabweans

A child dies every six seconds of hunger

Ethiopian gov’t running out of luck

Ethiopian Farmers cooking farm seeds out of hunger

Food Crisis in Northern Uganda

Arable Land, the new gold rush

Ethiopian crisis : Who is really to blame ?

Africa: no quick fix for high food prices

Ethiopian crisis not getting any better

Canada deploys a frigate to Somalia against pirates

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