Food Security

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An international initiative to create awareness on the role of aquaculture in food security in poor countries has been launched; the program will bring together a global alliance of development agencies, governments and universities to help low-income food-deficit countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

African Farmers are Desperate for Change

Silence over Ethiopian land grab broken

Africa: Unlocking the Economic Potential of Biotechnology

Ethiopia’s grain market in danger?

Zimbabwe to suffer food shortages ahead of elections

Cameroon suffers huge shortages in essential commodities

When married women strip naked to make ends meet

Coca-Cola chooses Nairobi

The United States to Ethiopia’s rescue

FAO urges Zambia to consider cassava as major crop

Mugabe in Rome to "explain" to world leaders he has often blamed

Nigeria says no to rice imports amid widespread hunger

Ordinary Zimbabweans feel the strain of an economic rot

Ethiopia : Drought and high prices skyrocket food crisis

South African farmers condemn land reform programme

Zambia to ban maize export due to crop reduction

Ethiopia brands local coffee for international exports

Kenya : Persisting food crisis despite end of drought

Cocoa farmers in Ghana get a boost

Farmer’s information service launched in Kenya

Dangers of large scale biofuel production sounded by FAO

Obama and Clinton tackle two primary states’ opposing economies

Nigeria moves to tackle food crisis

Tanzania President warns of the consequences of high food and oil prices

Cameroon moves towards self-sufficiency

Morocco : A plan to boost agriculture unveiled

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