Panafrica - Ivory Coast - Ethiopia - Nigeria - Togo
The secret ballot of the 29 th edition of the African Cup of Nations 2013 took place in Durban, South Africa on Wednesdays night, where a complete schedule of the competition has been announced by the African Football Confederation.

Nigeria qualify for 2013 African U-20 finals

John Obi Michael receives racist insults on his twitter account


European Champions league: Africans players performance on day 2

The performance of africans on european champions league day 1

When Kader Keita slips and attacks a reporter

South Africa Football Association condemns British Stab-vest company

CAN 2010: Egypt reach last eight

CAN 2010: The Super Eagles spread their wings

CAN 2010: Ghana - Ivory Coast: Ivory Coast holds the first ticket to the quarters

CAN 2010: Algeria is back in line

CAN 2010: Algerian camp’s infighting and departures to boost Mali?

SA World Cup 2010: Ticket prices keep Africans away

CAN 2010: Ivory Coast - Burkina Faso game, a strong warning to Ghana

CAN 2010: Algeria-Malawi - Ouch!

SA World Cup 2010: Stop the double standard!

CAN 2010: Angola-Mali - Fourth power

CAN 2010: Togo under shock

CAN 2010: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Mozambique to leave Angola games?

2010 African Cup of Nations: Apam says "Nigeria is ready!"

CAN 2010: Rebel attack on Togo squad raises questions over 2010 SA World Cup security

CAN 2010: Will Mozambique save Southern Africa in Angola’s untested stadiums?

Some key points to understand the 2010 African Cup of Nations

Africa Cup of Nations 2010: It’s kick off time!

UK: The bridge may collapse without African football players

South Africa 2010 World Cup: Salaries of 32 national coaches released

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