Islamists group who have take over the deserted North of Mali and imposing the Sharia in the region are becoming more and more brutal.

Kenya: bloody battle between Orma and Pokomo

Prices, profits and planning - the teaching of Hayek

Inch’Allah Opposition delivers Cameroon to Biya on a Platter of silver

End game in Côte d’Ivoire marks a new beginning

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

US-Nigeria: ’Trajectory of bad elections’ should be checked

Nigeria: Abuja’s splendid centre surrounded by urban blight

Bakassi - where Cameroon is already in control

Zimbabwe: New forex policy "paralyses" NGOs

Ceasefire fails to quell Darfur violence

OCHA concerned over official’s expulsion from South Darfur

5 ex-Nigerian state governors ’to return stolen 50b naira’

Cameroon’s civil society rejects calls for limitless term for Biya

Nigeria: Government hits tobacco companies with whopping law suit

New hope for long-suffering Mauritanian refugees

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