A Somali reporter shot by unknown gunmen last week has died from his wounds, colleagues said Monday.

Five dead in Uganda due to killer disease

Police shot Striking mineworker in Rustenburg to dead

Armed rebel groups Hinders the fight against cholera in Nyamilima.

Guinea government still remain voiceless on the culprits of September, 28 massacre

Professor Gottlieb honored by Queen Elizabeth II

The Global Fund Welcomes U.S. Budget Allocation of US$1.05 billion for 2011

Initiations, Circumcisions and Deaths : A South African headache

Roadside sex in Africa

Positive results announced in favour of President’s fertility treatments

HIV pervalence shots up despite Condom glut and better medical access

The government prepares a law banning smoking in public places

Severe health risks in Sierra Leone

South Africa seeks over 4,000 foreign doctors

Counterfeit drugs and poverty increasingly going hand in glove

British researchers prove humans can live 14 years longer

Obama’s health plan tackles disparity : Scrapping risk-based pricing

President Levy Mwanawasa’s state of health still an issue?

Looming medical doctor shortage threatens Africa’s future

Did Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa die in Paris ?

Zambian President suffers heart attack at AU summit in Egypt

Ethiopians and Rwandans get a new lease on life

Dysentery bacteria discovery marks research breakthrough

The irony of a sensitive fight for patents

Women hiding their HIV status for fear of being battered

Maternal and child mortality rates improving in Zambia

Harsh shortage of Anti-retroviral drugs in Congo

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