Human rights

Unknown gunmen shot dead a traffic warden earlier on Monday in Nigeria’s restive northern city of Maiduguri followed by loud explosion and gun firing which shaken the city in the evening.

Central Africa Republic celebrate 50th Anniversary of Intellectual Property right

Northen Mali: Corporal punishment multiply against The population

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

FiSahara: British film industry at Sahara refugee film festival

Treason cases split Zimbabwe lawyers association

Women equality and rights still a challenge in Africa

Do we need Aliens to achieve World Unity?

Nigeria: Government and oil firms to face ECOWAS court over violation

Amnesty International negotiates justice with Islamist rebel groups in Somalia

Zimbabwe: Mugabe snubs Amnesty International chief

Zimbabwe: Officials try to block Mugabe meeting with Amnesty International’s secretary general Irene Khan

Somali refugees face horrors in Kenya

Global recession a Human Rights time bomb

Human rights - A school curricula after Mugabe rule ?

Freed Zimbabwean activist, emaciated and unwell

A closer look at domestic child labour in Africa

Oil company charged with human right abuses in Nigeria

Kenyan results irretrievably polluted

Zimbabwe Groups say power-sharing deal flawed and elitist

Egypt accused of killing 25 black African migrants

Moroccan political prisoners spent a quarter century behind bars

When rape victims are accused

Whipping to be used as a disciplinary measure in Kenyan schools ?

Homophobia is fueling HIV spread in Africa

Prisonners starve to death

Moroccan women : A step beyond women from other Arab countries

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