Human rights

Unknown gunmen shot dead a traffic warden earlier on Monday in Nigeria’s restive northern city of Maiduguri followed by loud explosion and gun firing which shaken the city in the evening.

Central Africa Republic celebrate 50th Anniversary of Intellectual Property right

Northen Mali: Corporal punishment multiply against The population

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

FiSahara: British film industry at Sahara refugee film festival

Treason cases split Zimbabwe lawyers association

Women equality and rights still a challenge in Africa

Egyptian forces crackdown on planned demonstration

Sex workers violated

President explains action against refugees

Ghana : President to meet refugees as one sues

French police abuse African lawyer

Gov’t apologizes as refugees return to camp

Former Egyptian presidential candidate will remain in prison

Rights group demands justice for 44 persons murdered in Gambia

Africa seeks ways to end violence against women

First ladies fight for peace

"Equality Now" urges UNODC forum to address sex trafficking

Ayaan Hirsi Ali soon a french citizen ?

Sexuality: Young Africans demand fundamental human rights

CPJ urges Cote d’Ivoire to lift RFI suspension

Reforming the Congo’s security forces

Nigeria: Gas flaring wrecking Delta communities

DRC: Poor harvest threatens food security, transport problems close feeding centre

Bakassi - where Cameroon is already in control

MAURITANIA-SENEGAL: Is Mauritania ready for its refugees?

Bill Gates, the new aid giant

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