Human rights

Unknown gunmen shot dead a traffic warden earlier on Monday in Nigeria’s restive northern city of Maiduguri followed by loud explosion and gun firing which shaken the city in the evening.

Central Africa Republic celebrate 50th Anniversary of Intellectual Property right

Northen Mali: Corporal punishment multiply against The population

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

FiSahara: British film industry at Sahara refugee film festival

Treason cases split Zimbabwe lawyers association

Women equality and rights still a challenge in Africa

Journalist Beaten By Guards in Semi-Autonomous Somalia Region of Puntland

Congolese Groups Demand the Removal of Abusive Army Commander

Nigeria: Police officers arrested for extra-judicial killings

Ugandan minister lashes out at Anglican cleric over gay-bill

Southern Sudan human rights abuses denounced

Morocco: The sorry state of freedom

Zimbabwe: International organisation attacks Morgan Tsvangirai

Counter-terrorism: UN human rights expert to visit Tunisia

Controls on military assistance to Somalia must be tightened

Zimbabwe: Prisoners move around naked in squalid conditions

Matters of life and death in Western Sahara

EU must demand investigation of Libyan human rights advocate’s death

Eritrea: National football teams thousands flee for dear life

DR Congo: UN warned of military support against Rwanda rebels

Nigeria: Police and vigilante killings out of control

Uganda: Gays, HIV+ people will be killed, sympathisers jailed

Zimbabwe: Citizens are the Real Heroes

Morocco refuses hunger striker permission to land

UK delegation has audience with hunger-striking Nobel Prize nominee, Haidar

British Parliament tables motion in support of Aminatou Haidar

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