Amnesty International accused Rwandan military intelligence services of engaging in torture, unlawful detention and enforced disappearances of civilians on Monday by members of the J2.

Nigeria qualify for 2013 African U-20 finals

Amnesty report cases of civilian abuse in south sudan

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

Ethiopia: Four NGOs get government ban

Africans start winning the battle against malaria

Several Christians hastily convert to Islam for clothes

Rice is up by 27% in Burkina Faso

US aid to Africa greatly reduced due to war in Iraq

Corruption still high during humanitarian interventions

Millions living on the margins of survival in the horn of Africa

Lethal mix of drought, extending war pushing Ethiopia to disaster

Lauren Child reaches out a bold and saving hand

Gaza gets heavy food aid from Israel

The United States to Ethiopia’s rescue

Mozambique demands compensation for South African xenophobic attacks

Kenyan crisis : A blow to East Africa

A week of police abuse and denials in Zimbabwe

Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s new child

Tsvangirai’s big gesture to assist victims of political violence

Sex abuse by peacekeepers and aid workers not reported

Ghana gov’t saves citizens from South African xenophobic violence

Israel refuses critically ill patients from Gaza

Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s adoption case making headway

Zimbabwe violence pointing to a coup d’etat

Congo : Controversial attitude to food crisis plan

Madonna’s lawyer announces date for permanent adoption ruling

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