Amnesty International accused Rwandan military intelligence services of engaging in torture, unlawful detention and enforced disappearances of civilians on Monday by members of the J2.

Nigeria qualify for 2013 African U-20 finals

Amnesty report cases of civilian abuse in south sudan

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

Ethiopia: Four NGOs get government ban

Africans start winning the battle against malaria

Several Christians hastily convert to Islam for clothes

Kenya mobile phone company Celtel embarks on social investment

More attacks in Khartoum feared following Turabi’s arrest

Ethiopia : Drought and high prices skyrocket food crisis

Kenyan President raises millions of dollars for IDPs and appeals for more help

Four EUFOR troops seized by gov’t of Chad

Arab League to cooperate with AU for peace in Darfur

Kenya : Brutal killing of World Food Programme head

Kenya : Persisting food crisis despite end of drought

Madonna’s documentary challenged by adopted son’s biological father

Mali : New family law faces opposition from Muslim organisations

Children under great threat in post election violence

Thousands flee as violence erupts in Mogadishu

’Justice for Darfur’ calls for the arrest of Sudan gov’t officials

Babies and children locked up in Zimbabwe prisons

Mozambique wants more time for demining

UN conference to tackle Palestinian crisis to be held in Paris

Somalia situation worse than thought

Mozambican and six others win environmental prizes

UNICEF moves to end rape of women in DRC

Tanzania reduces child mortality rates

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