Amnesty International accused Rwandan military intelligence services of engaging in torture, unlawful detention and enforced disappearances of civilians on Monday by members of the J2.

Nigeria qualify for 2013 African U-20 finals

Amnesty report cases of civilian abuse in south sudan

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

Ethiopia: Four NGOs get government ban

Africans start winning the battle against malaria

Several Christians hastily convert to Islam for clothes

155 illigal immigrants intercepted in Malawi

Nigerian state bans condoms

Arab bank for economic development in Africa to support Palestinians

Northern Nigeria suffers both fuel and food shortages

A high increase in school enrolments in Sudan

UN and AU in historic meeting

Nigeria reconsiders position on refugees

More young girls getting infected by older men

Ghana relentless over refugee issue

Over 100 000 Refugees repatriated

Deadly cholera outbreak in Nigeria

Agreement reached by gov’ts of Ghana and Liberia

Refugees to go home in June

US$700,000 relief donation from Portugal to Mozambique

Darfur attacks hampering UN relief efforts

President explains action against refugees

Horror at the killing of three WFP food supply drivers in Sudan

Ghana : President to meet refugees as one sues

Raising cancer awareness by climbing everest

Rising tensions displace hundreds

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