Amnesty International accused Rwandan military intelligence services of engaging in torture, unlawful detention and enforced disappearances of civilians on Monday by members of the J2.

Nigeria qualify for 2013 African U-20 finals

Amnesty report cases of civilian abuse in south sudan

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

Ethiopia: Four NGOs get government ban

Africans start winning the battle against malaria

Several Christians hastily convert to Islam for clothes

Madagascar: On the slippery slope to hunger

Madagascar: Headed for a more serious crisis

Zimbabwe: The storm is far from over

Sudan: Gov’t doing its best to free kidnapped aid workers

Sudan: Arab states could be linked to mass deaths if...

S. Africa embarrassed as peace conference is postponed

Obama and Ban Ki-Moon to tackle Sudan issue together

Mozambique: Health workers killed for cholera spread

Somali gunmen abducted UN officials over employment

“The people of Sudan must not be punished any further” - Desmond Tutu

Zimbabwe still in dire straits

7m out 9m resident Zimbabweans need food

Liberian prison inmates naked and troubled

Zimbabwe humanitarian crisis worse than Darfur

Vulnerable populations relieved from cluster bombs

Mauritius deeply concerned by Zimbabwe crisis

Annan won’t give up despite Mugabe opposition

Zimbabwe crisis worse than imagined - The Elders

No help to thousands caught in the triangle of death

Humanitarians good if crisis doesn’t affect their income

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