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As hundreds of thousands of Egyptians in Cairo’s Tahrir Square celebrated the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak on 11 February, some held up mobile phones to snap photos of the crowd, others sent Twitter messages to their friends and a few wielded signs proclaiming, “Thank you, Facebook.”

Namibia and Zimbabwe politicians confront new technology

Gaddafi’s "grave secret" threat triggers French internet craze

Libya: Israeli music video featuring Gaddafi speech hits youtube top

Sudan: Authorities embarrased by woman’s brutal public whipping

Senegalese traditional dance, sex or pornography?

Scam letter: Mr.Jon Chan — Hang Seng Bank Limited

Scam letter: De Nederlands Lotto

Morocco: - A 100% social networking site for Moroccans

East Africa getting ready for internet revolution

Africa-Europe underwater cable: West Africa to get high speed internet

Fashionable burqas or a political statement

El Asira’s first Muslim Halal online Sex Shop

Sudanese to access web freely despite sanctions

Jimmy Wales seeks the development of Wikipedia in African languages

2011 U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery: Open until November 30

A gorilla for a friend on Facebook or Twitter from Uganda with love

Microsoft conniving with Poland to promote racism?

Microsoft OneApp to provide internet services to low-end mobile phones in Africa

DRC student’s question drives Mrs. Clinton mad

East African countries get high speed and cheap Internet

Africa: Google and Grameen Foundation launch AppLab

Approaching Internet explosion to redefine Africa’s place

Shocking Spanish police maltreatment of African immigrant caught on film

Ethiopia: Microsoft software application soon in Amharic

Egypt : "Old Maids" protest on Facebook

Rwanda and Korea sign $38 million internet deal

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