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Following South Africa’s decision to freeze all Gaddafi’s assets in accordance with UN Security Council resolution Zambia has sought clarification on whether the resolution would have any effect on massive investments undertaken by the embattled Libyan leader’s regime in the southern African country. Zimbabwe has remained silent.

Mozambique: Brazil and U.S. join in cooperative development program

Ghana: Pure Home Water for the north

Ethiopia: A double standard on land related issues

Silence over Ethiopian land grab broken

Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi sends strong warning to chaotic businesses

Ethiopia gets a US $27m Chinese leather factory

Global crisis: African "Fear" and Western doublespeak

Nigerian oil investors switch to panic-mode

IMF-Paris Club want DRC to alter China deal as they lend

Ambitious Moroccan project to create 220,000 jobs

Swaziland: Soon to become a no man’s country

China consolidates economic partnership with Africa

World Economic Forum: Africa had nothing to do with the sub-prime crisis

US man’s Sudan land buy Rhodes’ Zimbabwe revisited?

Nigerian bourse scores high marks

CNN to blame for panick-selling and heavy losses

USA to Invest millions in Liberia

AIG in Africa stronger than ever

Africa gets $125m in risk capital investments

Highest return on investment recorded by Africa

Rwanda President seeks more investments from multinationals

Tanzania lags behind in foreign investment

Fears of further unemployment cautioned in Botswana

Ghana is West Africa’s finest

Chancellor Merkel encourages more German investments in Ghana

Kenya’s largest retail chain goes continental

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