Natural disaster

Nigerian oil giant shell has been taken in a Dutch court to face charges of destroying livelihoods in Nigerian villages in the Niger Delta region on Thursday.

African countries faced with food Insecurity

Japan tests food, seawater for radiation

Japan rebuild expected to last five years

Smoke fumes from 3rd Japanese nuke reactor

Fear of rising radiation levels grips Japan

Travelers stranded by Japanese earthquake

Mozambique: Many killed as rains threaten population

Mudslides surprise Kenyans killing several

Several killed and hundreds buried in Cairo rockslide

Ethiopian Farmers cooking farm seeds out of hunger

City sinks as gov’t officials fight

Ethiopian crisis : United Nations and African Union join forces

West African coasts and coastal cities slowly submerging

East African drought to continue or not : Researchers expose findings

Liberia under water

Nigerian specialists find solution to climate change

US$700,000 relief donation from Portugal to Mozambique

42 killed in Namibian floods, thousands displaced

Southern Africa Floods Victims: Aid Sought

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