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The issue of an openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, in the United States has become the archbishop of Canterbury’s African kanker. A kanker he is finding particularly tough to rid himself of. Opposing reactions from Nigeria, which has one of the largest Anglican congregations, along with a host of other countries, have led to threats of a schism.

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African Anglican church : chronically homophobic or simply biblical ? - starstar
homosexuality is vehemently condemned by the Christian Bible and should not be heard of in our midst. such perveted sexual practices invoked God's wrath against Sodom and Gomorrah. Rev Stacy Saul and Desmond Tutu should invite the Holy Spirit to enlighten them as they are advised to look at Romans ch. 1 once more. nigeria, in the fear of God has severed herself from the headship of archbishop of canterbury, we have aligned ourselves with Jerusalem the one and only true capital of christian world - Friday 19 September 2008 - 18:58


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