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Christians in Uganda are organizing nationwide demonstrations and fasting to protest US President Barack Obama and growing international opposition to a proposed anti-homosexuality bill.

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Uganda anti-homosexual bill: Christians threaten MPs - cuirmichael
I was taught that it was not for me to judge but for God alone. If you believe that homosexuality is unacceptable then you should not practise it. But you are forbidden to kill those who do. If you kill, may God's judgement be upon you. - Thursday 7 January 2010 - 14:59

Uganda anti-homosexual bill: Christians threaten PMs - MikeLM
One day they will be able to identify who is homosexual at a younger age. Just think of the resources Uganda could save if they could just test a new born and if it's homosexual drown it in the sink and toss it in the trash! Don't you just love 3rd world evangelicals and their American enabler counterparts? Be careful, that scum might think the parents should be exterminated for creating baby homo's! The gays of Uganda should go underground and do what EVER they have to; eye for an eye! - Sunday 20 December 2009 - 02:09


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