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Egypt’s fight to hold on to its monopoly over the Nile’s water resource has split the Nile dependent countries into two groups with Sudan supporting the north African country. But notwithstanding the northern African country’s claim to veto power, by virtue of an 80 year old treaty signed with Great Britain, and attempts to get Ethiopia, which leads the upper riparian countries, to soften its position, Ethiopian Water Resource Minister has announced that the signing of a Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) that seeks a fairer use of the Nile’s water resource will go ahead, with or without Egypt and Sudan’s agreement.

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Egypt and Ethiopia Lock horns over Nile water deal -
Up stream Nile Basin countries are entitled to utilize their natural resources despite Egypt's reliance on the river. Egyptians have been behaving like colonial powers as if they were the owner of the river that has been flowing from different African countries. They have been using it as much as they want with out advising any one. It is important Egyptians to stop acting as colonial masters by telling independent nations what part of their natural resources should use. Abel - Monday 7 June 2010 - 00:44

Egypt and Ethiopia Lock horns over Nile water deal - tamowafy
I find expressions like "monopoly" and "lion's share" biased. I think we should take people's needs into consideration. When it comes to water the upstream countries need help to make better use of what they have. This doesn't need to harm Egypt's share of the Nile's water. Egypt doesn't have any viable alternative to get its water needs, hence its share can't possibly be negotiable. - Thursday 22 April 2010 - 23:31


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