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Kuwati Christian church warns over repercussions
After having repeatedly changed his mind, the American pastor Terry Jones has finally laid his plans, to burn copies of the Koran on Saturday to mark the ninth anniversary of September 11, to rest. The Muslim world, which is at the same time celebrating Eid el-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan, is not only worried about the violence this act could provoke but also its consequences on the image of Islam. Meanwhile, Christians in the Arab world have also expressed their fear.

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September 11, Terry Jones and the Koran -
An oeocumenic center would be more adapted to the situation on ground zero than a mosqué. A mosqué could be accepted if peace come beetwen israleo-palestinien, and africa also beetwen nigerian people muslim and christians...and others even in China ( Ouigour) but the war continue... So in front of few category people a mosqué is not a symbol of peace for the moment.... Anyway in case of this mosque will be build they take risk to see some people offensed in their soul destroy it... - Saturday 11 September 2010 - 11:37


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