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I recall sitting in a West-African classroom in the coastal town of Cape-Coast, Ghana, transfixed by the revelations trickling out of the mouth of my history teacher; amazed that the entire West African region was once the playground of Kings and the vista of colossal empires and dynasties. A noted and evident moral of that history lesson was kingdoms, empires and dynasties naturally rise and fall.

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Africa's Political Tsunami and a few bad men -
The tragedy of our day is leaders failing to accept change when the times calls for it. from Zimbabwe to Egypt, to Uganda and Tunisia, we have leaders who have become bigger than the countries they lead. The governed is no longer significant, and it's the 'government' that is everything. It's is sad. I just hope that the Tsunami that is taking place in Egypt and north Africa will continue to build momentum, Kwabena - Friday 11 February 2011 - 15:28


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