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A Saudi Arabian investor has broken the culture of silence surrounding a widely criticized farmland acquisition by foreign investors in Ethiopia, which had hitherto been met with considerable silence. The investor’s comments come as his company, Saudi Star Agriculture Development Plc, awaits a decision from the Ethiopian Agriculture Ministry to expand his farmland from 10,000 hectares to 250,000 hectares.

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Silence over Ethiopian land grab broken -
This is an interesting story! But, 1 thing I've to say above all - as a son of a farmer, evicted twice to give way to commercial farms during the socialist regime, I really know the pain 4 z poor natives of those plots (they should be compensated massively!!!!), not to mention env. issues! Yet, what this or any other government of Ethiopia do!? Opponents used to object when this gov't did not give way to farms; now when it gives, still objection! Yet, we no hv z capital, only foreigners hv it!!! - Monday 7 March 2011 - 14:23


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