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United States - Japan
Trace amounts of the radioactive element iodine-131 from the Japan nuclear disaster have been detected in South Florida, but authorities say the concentrations remain far below the level that would present any danger.

Facebook removes violent ’intifada’ page

White celebs say ’I Am African’ for AIDS campaign

First images of planet Mercury released

African Movie Academy Award winners announced

First Black man in space honored in US

News Corp. passes MySpace over to Vevo?

MTV prepares Facebook documentary

Amazon previews digital music locker

Obama defends military involvement in Libya

MySpace loses 10 million users in one month

Rap lawsuit raises digital music service questions

Int’l iPad2 launch causes worldwide frenzy

Geraldine Ferraro, first female VP candidate, dies

Superman reboot chooses Amy Adams for Lois Lane

Japan tests food, seawater for radiation

BlackBerry launches PlayBook tablet at $499

B’way ’Spider-Man’ suffers fifth actor injury

MTV Movie Awards voting begins Wednesday

’Mad Men’ fifth season currently uncertain

Eddie Murphy receives 1st Comedy Icon Award

Japan rebuild expected to last five years

Apple sues Amazon over Appstore name

Twitter turns five years old

Amazon Appstore opens Tuesday

Wonder Woman TV project reveals costume

Wyclef Jean shot through the hand in Haiti

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