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Charity begins at home, and Africans need to take the first bold steps to deal with problems affecting them instead of depending on the west. Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki’s message was met with a resounding applause at the 6th edition of Africities in Dakar, Senegal.

Kenya’s Favorite Son Does It Again

Several arrests in the army headquarters following an attack

Striking miners urge to return to work.

Political leader Nana Konadu Agyemang promise to transform Ghana

Julius Malema, South Africa’s politicians reacts to allegation of fraud

Port Harcourt University in Nigerian shut down following the lynching of 4 students

Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s Zanu-PF splitting from within

Burundi: A bloody presidential election

Guinea: The long wait for election results

Madagascar: 50 years of independence and still in crisis

Guinea holds first democratic elections

Namibians slam Zambian president over missing activists

Zimbabwe: Mugabe to refuse new Tsvangirai ministers?

Sudan: PCP appeal for Al Turabi’s release or trail

Mugabe, Zenawi, Bashir, Afwerki, Mubarak, Biya... World’s worst despots list

Rwanda: Assassination attempt linked to President Kagame

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai-Mugabe agree on constitution process and election date

Gambia: President accused of locking up rivals

Ethiopia: Opposition coalition reject Supreme Court decision over election results

Zimbabwean asylum seekers top UN chart ahead of Somalia, Afghanistan

Albinos seek electoral representation in Uganda

Sudan: US supports south Sudan’s independence

Africa Union at the 2010 World Cup: Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Rwanda: Jailed US genocide denialist lawyer charged on another count

Africa-France summit: Win-win economic ties in the offing?

Cameroon: A 50th independence anniversary amid joy and pain

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