A Liberian accused of organising a deadly attack on UN peacekeepers in Ivory Coast has been arrested in northern Liberia, officials said on Thursday.

Rwanda elected for UN non permanent Security council seat

Libya: The dangers of leaving Gaddafi in power

Libya: Gaddafi and his Mali-Chad Tuareg mercenaries

Ivory Coast civil war could destabilize region

Libya: Light at the end of tunnel for freedom fighters

Ethiopia led Nile treaty gains ground as Burundi joins

Gaddafi’s case for one African army

Police Brutality – Big human rights abuse in America

Somalia’s anti-piracy war triggers UN and US concern

Zimbabwe: Editor released but "dark times are back"

Uganda: Museveni uses security to attract northern votes

Nigeria: Government forces and rebels resume battle over Niger Delta

Uganda government warned by Human Right Watch

‘The rest of the world has to change its perception of Africa’

Great lakes: Rwanda and DR Congo to eradicate rebellion

Côte d’Ivoire: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Nigeria: Group to take Rivers State to court for Police crackdown

Algeria snubs France in sahel counterterrorism initiative

Sudan: Government to arm villagers against rebel attacks

Zimbabwe: Security forces draw swords over shot officers

Nigeria President’s security reshuffle politically motivated?

Rwanda Peacekeeping: Goodwill or Blackmail?

Kenyan journalist nabbed over Uganda islamist attack

Nigeria: President’s kidnapped advocate freed

Guinea-Bissau: A time for change

Nigeria: Arms cargo to epicenter of religious tension seized

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