20 people have been shot death and others badly hurt by a gang of bandits in a raid on Kaboro village, on Tuesday in northern Nigeria’s Zamfara state, an official said

Kenyan security forces abuse residents

Somali militia threaten the UK with attacks

Clashes in Libya’s town of Bani Walid former leader Muammar Gaddafi’s bastion

Several Nigerians killed following suspected Boko Haram Islamists attacks

Resident in the city of Sirte in Libya implores for reconstruction

Suspected Al-Shabab weapon seized in Puntland

Captain Jack Stone released by kidnappers MEND

MEND responsible for massive shell oil attack

Moroccan security forces dismantle a new terrorist network

Three terrorists sentenced in Morocco

killing of Coptic Christians by Muslims on the rise

Security in Algeria : Deadly attacks in Beni Amrane (Boumerdes).

Terrorist group explains why planned attacks failed

Barack Obama to visit Iraq ?

President Bush’s "War on terror" term dumb ?

The obscene act of mistaking Barack Obama for Ossama Bin Laden

Central Africa vows to fight terrorism

27 year old State of Emergency in Egypt to be extended

Anti-Terrorist squads in major cities to ward off Al Qaeda threats

Arab League to cooperate with AU for peace in Darfur

Security Council meets over Sudan rebel attack

Horrific recounts of terror and desperation in Zimbabwe

Al Qaeda terrorists eye Nigeria

Shell station bombed

Adan Ayrow’s Al Qaeda militants swear revenge ...

Alleged Muslim Brotherhood terrorists arrested in Egypt

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