Neither male nor female, Said, 45, was born intersex (hermaphrodite). As a result of this condition, Said has never had access to real work or any decent medical care. Dreaming of reversing this condition, Said dreams of becoming a "man" to live live a normal life.

Gaddafi’s "grave secret" threat triggers French internet craze

Libya: Israeli music video featuring Gaddafi speech hits youtube top

Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai to go to court over love child

Malawi’s jailed witches get a lease of life

11 year old girl suffers 8 month rape ordeal by 14 men

Teenage boy shocks court after raping 12yr old boy

Zimbabwe: Zanu Pf agents in uniformed forces get double salaries

Graveside "cassava bomb" scatters mourners

Uganda: Christians steal from Churches in broad day-light

Mrs Zuma’s extra-marital affair and pregnancy rock South Africa

Nigeria: End of the road for politician drug smuggler?

Ugandan women seek protection against men with "big sexual organs"

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Jr. saves national basketball team from financial woes

39 Christian ’cult’ members in Uganda prison for uncultured behaviour

Nigeria: Senator marries 13-year old, rights activists appalled

Zimbabwe: Probe into Mugabe’s stolen birthday gifts begins

Zimbabwe: Mugabe blamed for Ex-Zanu PF hatchet man’s death

Zimbabwe: A new wife for Tsvangirai?

Zimbabwe: Oscar winning Prudence Mabhena’s runaway parents reappear

Ex-wife lashes out bitterly at Nelson Mandela

Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe demolishes village for her project

Zuma hits back at The British as state-visit begins

Uganda priest nabbed for BBC hoax was paid to dramatize

Zenawi versus Zuma: ’Ze burlesque follies’ of Africa

Zambian head says insulting him is ’pornography’

Jacob Zuma steals Nelson Mandela’s spotlight?

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