Neither male nor female, Said, 45, was born intersex (hermaphrodite). As a result of this condition, Said has never had access to real work or any decent medical care. Dreaming of reversing this condition, Said dreams of becoming a "man" to live live a normal life.

Gaddafi’s "grave secret" threat triggers French internet craze

Libya: Israeli music video featuring Gaddafi speech hits youtube top

Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai to go to court over love child

Malawi’s jailed witches get a lease of life

11 year old girl suffers 8 month rape ordeal by 14 men

Teenage boy shocks court after raping 12yr old boy

Arabs should rape and harass Israelis, says Egyptian lawyer

Wole Soyinka: uniformed staff’s animal conduct must end

National official blames HIV/AIDS on homosexuals

Zimbabwe jails : fast track to death

Obama’s US hypercritic kicked out of Kenya

Albino body parts : A hot demand in Burundi

Cows as school fees in a major Zimbabwean city

Man with 84 wives remanded in prison could be put to death

President’s will for his country : Was he expecting death ?

Swazi royals opt for bling and a big party against a backdrop of hunger and ...

Man with over 80 wives to face islamic death sentence

Gambian President ’cures’ HIV/AIDS patients

Demise of Nigerian Olympic Badmington hopeful blamed on big appetite and overweight

Justine Chiota : A politician or Mugabe’s pawn?

Initiations, Circumcisions and Deaths : A South African headache

An unusual serial rapist and killer arrested

Positive results announced in favour of President’s fertility treatments

Namibia and Germany : A fight for colonial skeletons

Frustrated woman tries committing suicide after killing all her children

Zimbabwean delegates shift attention to hotel for lack of luxury

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