Cases of women abused by their Husbands and disowned by their families are prevalent in the Algerian Society in which the male sex is thought superior mainly in Islamic circles.

Royal Wedding article from Al Jazeera’s wedding correspondent

The architecture of maternal death

Namibia: Baby-dumping rates soar among school girls

When a mother’s voice soothes a baby

Women equality and rights still a challenge in Africa

Miss Zimbabwe pageant, an uncomfortable political event

Sudan: Lubna al-Hussein prefers prison to a $200 fine

African women making real headway in Politics

Sudan: Lubna’s trouser war, a call for Islamic law review?

Tanzania: First Women’s Bank begins operations

Africa: Is China the new African Savior?

Financing Africa’s greatest resource: Women

Virgin by all means possible: The search for a new hymen

Maggi Cube: A suppository and enema for a "bubble butt"?

Tribute to Susan Tsvangirai

Disturbing UNICEF report: 4m children died in 28 days

Egypt : "Old Maids" protest on Facebook

Congolese women stage protest against fighters

Uphill task for Africans in 2008 Under-17 Women’s World Cup

Egypt sends first man sent to jail for sexual assault but ...

Marriage or Legal paedophilia : Morocco battles with under age marriages

Ugandan researchers awarded for agricultural contribution

Dying women in Nigeria become a big concern

When rape victims are accused

Kunyaza, the secret to female orgasm

Moroccan women : A step beyond women from other Arab countries

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