Stéphanie Plasse

Libya - Mali - Chad
As an international intervention to stop Colonel Muammar Gaddafi from committing further atrocities against Libyans continue, the north African country’s leader remains impassive and has sworn to win this battle at all costs. The self professed Libyan "Guide" is relying on his armed forces and a number of African mercenaries. But the so-called mercenaries, mostly Tuaregs, have another problem at hand.

Tuareg and AQIM: The unlikely jihadist bedmates

Morocco’s militant hackers

A Spanish flottila to call for Western Sahara independence from Morocco

Rage over Saudi ban on Mecca pilgrimage for Moroccan women

Ramadan and crime: What Algerian authorities tried to hide

Wyclef Jean: Not so Haitian

Wyclef Jean: "If I Was President"

Guinea-Canada: Suspicious death of ex-Junta leader’s son

Vive La France and French Speaking Africa!

MobiCash: A new money transfer service for Moroccans

One month without sex...

Guinea elections: Enraged party to dispute results in court

Madagascar: Bloody police and military mutiny attracts popular support

Ceuta and Melilla revive Spanish-Moroccan dispute

Africa foots the bill for illicit financial transfers

DRC: Prostitutes claim their rights

Niger’s new government changes course

Ivory Coast at the threshold of a civil war?

Sexuality: Artificial hymen, a Moroccan sore?

The Princess and the Frog: More Green than Black

Nigerian sectarian violence: Religion as a pretext

Somalia: Suicide bomb attack kills 19 including gov’t ministers

London: Beauty pageant, scam, disenchantment

Guinea Stadium Massacre: Junta leader’s aide under suspicion

Africa and South America: A new world order confirmed

South Africa: Kidnapped, Raped and Stabbed for being gay...

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