Stéphanie Plasse

Libya - Mali - Chad
As an international intervention to stop Colonel Muammar Gaddafi from committing further atrocities against Libyans continue, the north African country’s leader remains impassive and has sworn to win this battle at all costs. The self professed Libyan "Guide" is relying on his armed forces and a number of African mercenaries. But the so-called mercenaries, mostly Tuaregs, have another problem at hand.

Tuareg and AQIM: The unlikely jihadist bedmates

Morocco’s militant hackers

A Spanish flottila to call for Western Sahara independence from Morocco

Rage over Saudi ban on Mecca pilgrimage for Moroccan women

Ramadan and crime: What Algerian authorities tried to hide

Wyclef Jean: Not so Haitian

Niger: Power drunk President schemes for a 3rd term

Madagascar’s political crisis drags on

Morocco: Police held responsible for tragic stampede?

Burundi: Traffickers in Albino human parts in Court

A Sudanese rebel leader manipulates the ICC

Egypt’s religious swine killings and unreligious lies

Madagascar: Andry Rajoelina to run for President?

Egypt: "Metro", eroticism banned

Western Sahara: doggedness, incriminations and a UN confusion

Apartheid: IBM, GM, FORD on the accused bench

Western Sahara: Obama to chose sides

Madagascar: Military takes sides, Joins a puzzling embroglio

Madagascar: Rajoelina "overwhelmed" by the crisis

Sudan: ICC attacks President Omar al-Bachir

Tanzania’s taste for cold-blooded Albino killings

Laurent Nkunda’s betrayal and a confused lot

Islamophobia: A new French plague?

Eric Holder to become first Black U.S. Attorney General

Disney embarks on a quest to seduce black people

Albinos victims of human sacrifices

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