Will Ghartey-Mould

Whilst Muammar Gaddafi’s eccentric lifestyle has been a subject of constant amazement within political circles, the entertainment industry might view things differently. A music video (below) of the Libyan dictator’s speech, following anti-government protests in the North African country, has become an instant hit on the internet.

Ivory Coast: UN Security Council position averts war

Somalia: Military reinforcements from African nations begin

One month without sex...

Guinea: The long wait for election results

African economy boosted as AfDB rises to challenge

Morocco’s expulsion of Christians abusive?

Al Qaeda extends Somali network warns Christians Ethiopians

The start of African football coach revolution?

CAN 2010: Mali seeks sanctioning of Angola and Algeria

CAN 2010: Algeria is back in line

CAN 2010: Algerian camp’s infighting and departures to boost Mali?

Haiti Earthquake: A horrible death toll expected as assistance pour in

Africa: Drug trade fund terrorist activities

Ethiopia-Kenya: Kenya’s offer to finance Gibe III a double standard?

Ethiopian government’s aid discrimination evoked by British minister

Ethiopia and Ghana on the verge of Guinea worm eradication

Zimbabwe may adopt Czech Republic’s sex offenders’ castration law

South Africa Land Reforms: Zuma gov’t strategically assists White farmers’ investments abroad

Ghana: Shocking American’s paedophile sex tape scandal condemned

Gabon: Released electoral roll too excessive?

Nigeria: Islamists’ nationwide Sharia demands raise alarm over deepening religious fissure

Morocco and Swaziland Kings among the richest royals in the world

Gabon: Ali Bongo is not a concensus candidate... An avalanche of resignations

Congo: Election results known ahead of time

Lessons on Malaria control from The Gambia

Polio making a troubling comeback in Nigeria

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