Theophilus O’Donkor

Cameroon - Germany
Usually, you lose your job then your wife. Lothar Matthaus got it all wrong as his young wife had an affair which directly led to his not getting the Indomitable Lions head coach job, due to a veto issued by Cameroon’s President’s wife, Chantal Biya.

Exposing Nigeria’s hyena handlers

Libyan-Gaza-Israel Amalthea aid ship standoff as it happened

Libya pledges strong ties with Sudan as border closes

Fashionable burqas or a political statement

Drug cartels losing ground in African drug war?

Libyan crash leaves one survivor, ash cloud causes "unlikely"

Ben Arfa signs with OM, Thuram warms up to PSG

New forms of African pornography

Kenyan PM : "Zimbabwe an eyesore and embarrassment to Africa"

African leaders protest against Mugabe

Three suspected road robbers burnt alive

Cesaria Evora cancels her summer tour in Europe

Clint Eastwood - Spike Lee : Racism, Omission or Fact

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