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Libya - United States - International
The international community headed by Washington has considered arming the Libyan opposition to defend themselves against the Indifferent Muammar Gaddafi who continues to utilize violence in his bid to remain at the helm of the country.

Piracy in Somalia and Nigeria cause collapse of financial institutions

Ivory Coast: A Genocide Alert?

Somalia: Battle for control of capital intensifies as rebels join forces

Somalia: Government gradually takes over capital

New AU laws to tackle Al-Qaeda in Africa

Gambia government bids Iran goodbye

United States: Black-White educational divide no longer down to poverty?

Sudan: International community striving to prevent war

DR Congo: Illegal gold mining continue despite ban

Benin: Flood victims get swift international response

Somalia: Islamist militia takes over Horn Afrik and GBC radios

U.S. offers help in Sudan and Congo

World Cup 2010: Ghana to petition FIFA on ’declaration of goal’

Nigeria: A matter of gold and death

Ban Ki-Moon renews calls for Bashir and Kony arrest

Nigerian leader urged to resolve Niger Delta crisis

CAN 2010: Ivory Coast - Burkina Faso game, a strong warning to Ghana

CAN 2010: Algeria-Malawi - Ouch!

CAN 2010: Angola-Mali - Fourth power

Zimbabwe: An impossible cooperation

Violence in Gabon: No end in sight

Nigeria: Caine prize for African writing awarded to EC Osondu

Guinea Bissau: Elections so far free and fair

Nigeria-Russia: To sign Industrial, Oil, Military agreement

No peace until AU forces withdraw from Somalia?

Liberia: Petty traders crucial to African economy

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