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Libya - United States - International
The international community headed by Washington has considered arming the Libyan opposition to defend themselves against the Indifferent Muammar Gaddafi who continues to utilize violence in his bid to remain at the helm of the country.

Piracy in Somalia and Nigeria cause collapse of financial institutions

Ivory Coast: A Genocide Alert?

Somalia: Battle for control of capital intensifies as rebels join forces

Somalia: Government gradually takes over capital

New AU laws to tackle Al-Qaeda in Africa

Gambia government bids Iran goodbye

Diplomatic war : France, Germany and Rwanda in a tangle

Thabo Mbeki accused of 330,000 deaths

World Bank helps Tanzania fight Poverty

DRC conflict: Bank Ki-Moon and Gordon Brown zoom in

Scolari asked to consider Anelka - Drogba partnerhip

Blood for Oil : Bowoto v. Chevron Oil Begins in the US

Côte d’Ivoire goes under strict UN scrutiny

African Football Stars on Fifa Award Nomination List

S A elephant tusk sale to China and Japan breed doubt

African serfdom running amok

Ghana facing ethnic challenges in upcoming elections

Greece to extend residence permits for foreign students

When the US, UK and EU do what poor countries were told not to do

Nominees for Ibrahim prize for good governance announced

Somalia threatens Kenya

Sex for grades in Africa : Necessity or choice

African sports personalities awarded for outstanding contributions

When Didier Drogba misses a golden opportunity

Sierra Leoneans flocking into Liberia raise xenophobia concerns

USA to Invest millions in Liberia

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