Alice Chimora

On-going treason trials in Zimbabwe have split an influential grouping of human rights lawyers over accusations of rampant partisan representation and neglect of arrested activists from Matabeleland region.

Zimbabwe mass graves: Cloud of suspicion hangs over Mugabe’s Zanu-pf

Namibia and Zimbabwe politicians confront new technology

Botswana diamond sector wage disparity favours South Africans?

Turmoil hits Zimbabwe political scene

Zimbabwe: Election year terror and treason under Mugabe

Cremation of dead espoused in Southern Africa

Zimbabwe: Upsurge of Zanu-PF mandated violence alarming

Zimbabwe: Zuma to avoid sensitive questions during visit...

Zimbabwe: An end to unity gov’t after Mutambara’s weekend statement?

Zimbabwe: Hundreds of public sector doctors sacked as swine flu hits

Zimbabwe: Swine flu hits amid fears of renewed cholera infections as doctors strike

Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s Zanu-pf soon to hold parliamentary majority?

Zimbabwe still neck-deep in crisis

Zimbabwe: Gono seeks to reintroduce Zim dollar to finance Zanu-PF activities?

Zimbabwe: MDC and Zanu-PF at each other’s throats ahead of GPA talks

Zimbabwe: Economic recovery compromised

Zimbabwe whistle blower in court for illegal diamond possession

Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF infighting after vice-president’s death sparks fears of unrest

Zimbabwe: Doctors embark on a strike action

US-Zimbabwe: Clinton on the ’negative effects of the continuing presidency of Mugabe’

Zimbabwe: Vice president’s death sparks questions on Mugabe’s age

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai meets Zuma as all levers of state power shift to Mugabe

Zimbabwe: Minister accused of mobile phone theft sued for US$19 million

Zimbabweans police to allow demonstrations after arresting minister for mobile phone theft

Zimbabwe: Biti death threats connected with Defence minister’s bitterness over proposed mining laws?

Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s nephew to face court as incriminating videos are released

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