Alice Chimora

On-going treason trials in Zimbabwe have split an influential grouping of human rights lawyers over accusations of rampant partisan representation and neglect of arrested activists from Matabeleland region.

Zimbabwe mass graves: Cloud of suspicion hangs over Mugabe’s Zanu-pf

Namibia and Zimbabwe politicians confront new technology

Botswana diamond sector wage disparity favours South Africans?

Turmoil hits Zimbabwe political scene

Zimbabwe: Election year terror and treason under Mugabe

Cremation of dead espoused in Southern Africa

White Zimbabwean farmers no more interested in farming, they want due financial compensation

Zimbabwe: Constitutional hearing postponed

Zimbabwe: Zanu-pf deals a blow to new constitution

Amnesty International to meet with Tsvangirai and Mugabe

Netherlands - Zimbabwe: You will get no money from us

19 COMESA states to intervene militarily in Madagascar?

Mugabe’s moral high ground before Bashir, Ravalomanana

Zimbabwe: Self-confessed witch mentally stable

Fifa WC 2010: Zimbabwe hotels lower rates, mock Botswana decision

Zimbabwe draft constitution hits the financial wall

Zimbabwe: Freakish greed deals blow to world cup deal

Zimbabwe: Bitter electoral strife looms, UN warns

Zimbabwe: MDC suffering an identity crisis since GPA

Mugabe warned of a "time bomb" within Armed Forces

Tsvangirai to visit France on first overseas trip as PM

Zimbabwe: Witch flies naked 120km in a basket to kill?

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai ally and counsellor abducted

Zimbabwe soon to be divided into 5 regions

Cholera infections still ravaging Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: Mugabe sticks to Gono, attacks Britain again

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