Alice Chimora

On-going treason trials in Zimbabwe have split an influential grouping of human rights lawyers over accusations of rampant partisan representation and neglect of arrested activists from Matabeleland region.

Zimbabwe mass graves: Cloud of suspicion hangs over Mugabe’s Zanu-pf

Namibia and Zimbabwe politicians confront new technology

Botswana diamond sector wage disparity favours South Africans?

Turmoil hits Zimbabwe political scene

Zimbabwe: Election year terror and treason under Mugabe

Cremation of dead espoused in Southern Africa

Outrage in Zimbabwe: Civil servants get US $10 salary

New distressing cholera figures released in Zimbabwe

Desmond Tutu on hunger strike for Zimbabwe

Mutambara openly chides Tsvangirai and Mugabe

Mugabe planning to charge Tsvangirai with treason

Zimbabwe civil servants to be paid in Foreign Currency

ZANU-pf defector and Makoni’s ally accused of torture

Passport fees 305% up as a quarter of Zimbabweans flee

Mugabe promises new elections if ...

Why Mugabe staged own military and police riots

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